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ASE has a profitable impact on every application of traceability and industrial traceability of its clients. As? Through the unique automatic identification technology that can guarantee reliability, guarantee, durability and precision, in dusty, humid and extreme environments: RFID.

ASE specializes in providing a secure impact with RFID technology, providing both a wide variety of dedicated tags and readers and proven application skills. We also offer technical assistance, advice and on-field support, making use of our skills gained in over twenty years of experience.

We develop specific applications for a strong rationalization and automation of logistics and industrial applications for greater productivity and safety. We offer dedicated tags that can withstand humidity and pressure, others have been designed to withstand extreme temperatures and contact with aggressive chemicals, while others are dedicated to production and shipping systems with large volumes moved. ASE offers much more than just a range of specialized components.

Combining advanced features, we provide turnkey solutions, combining transponders, antennas and readers optimized to ensure the best and constant performance on the specific application. If you have an identification problem to solve, we have the resources to develop a customized solution. Our systems comply with ISO standards, including ISO15693, 14443A / B, 18000, and 11784/5. In addition, ASE also collaborates with end users, experienced developers and system integrators to identify emerging trends and develop innovative solutions to meet new needs and requirements. The tags are made for high reliability and long life. With years of experience and literally millions of transponders in use, the ASE product line has become a quality benchmark in RFID applications.

The production methods adopted (from antenna production, to chip connection, resin encapsulation or other types of containers) are chosen to offer “immortality” to the transponder. Also the line of antennas and RFID readers follows the logic of robustness, reliability and simplicity of application. In addition, we offer customization to adapt our tools to every practical need, both software and hardware. ASE offers low frequency (125kHz or 134.2kHz), high frequency (13.56 MHz), ultra-high frequency (868-915 MHz) tag and reader versions in compliance with ISO standards, including: FDX-b BDE, EN 14803 and ISO 11785. ASE has the components necessary to solve your problem. No matter what your application, ASE can meet the need.

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