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IEE is a company specialized in innovative detection systems and a global leader in automotive safety thanks to the detection systems and classification of vehicle occupants.
Millions of people pass in public places and it is always difficult to keep track of their passage. To manage a traffic so high in safety and efficiently, surveillance becomes a matter of utmost importance. Technologically advanced solutions can help you to monitor, manage and control the movements of people, traffic and baggage in important places.


The IEE is based on a vision sensor that uses a unique patented technology IEE, 3D MLI Sensor ™, based on the optical principle called “Time of Flight”, which measures the modulated light intensity.
The IEE 3D MLI Sensor (Modulated Light Intensity) is the first of its kind. Provides the ideal technology to collect images of objects at a distance in real time.
Unit emits a modulated infrared light that is reflected on the objects in a given visual field, while an array of specific sensors measure the reflected light and provides a 3D image of the monitored area. This sensor does not require two cameras or special processes to generate 3D images.
In comparison to the 2D solutions or thermal ones that are available on the market, the IEE vision sensor provides extremely accurate data, processed by an algorithm built into the system. The technology is based on the 3D MLI Sensor ™, which uses the modulated infrared light (NIR) to obtain a 3D image of the monitored area and it is unaffected by environmental conditions such as temperature or ambient light.
The IEE vision sensor may have a variety of applications in the field of safety, thanks to 3D vision. For example it can be used for the security of access in airports or in the surveillance where it is useful to be able to control the number of passing people or the classification of the luggage and abandoned objects.