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ASE presents a new People Counter for intelligent solutions in building management – February 2021

ASE introduces a new People Counter sensor, developed by IEE with sophisticated algorithms to support unprecedented accuracy in monitoring and recording data, highly reliable for optimizing the flow of people access and transit.

Restrictions due to the current situation require the implementation of maximum crowding rules in shopping malls, retail areas and other public and private buildings.

IEE’s People Counter solution enables a highly accurate and cost-effective crowding and transit monitoring system that covers individual rooms, floors or entire buildings.

This product supports the optimization of people flows and enables compliance with COVID-19 constraints. Since the system provides a proven counting accuracy of 99%, the number of people can be maximized towards the maximum allowable limit.

Here are the key features of the People Counter IEE:

-Counting the number of people in both directions of travel.
-Counting accuracy> 99%
-Discounts people who are close to each other, without overcounting or undercounting
-Keeps track of people within the detection zone
-Displays and generates counting statistics in real time
-Analysis of historical data with reports and management alerts

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