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ASE presents new anti-Covid19 bracelets -June 2020


ASE presents the new bracelet with minimum social distance sensor.

It is a new bracelet based on Ultra Wide Band technology that warns users wearing bracelets when they enter the pre-set social security area (usually 2 meters). When this happens, the optical alarm and vibration is activated for both users.

The alarm registers the code of the interferer, date and time in the bracelets so each contact can be retrieved if necessary. The data can always be retrieved, through specific App installed on any Android Smartphone or specific zone prepared for this function (with automatic Gateway).

The internal rechargeable LiPo battery, the high autonomy, the ability to store up to 20000 contacts, the presence of LEDs and power button, the aesthetics and the material used, make this product the effective solution to the problem of identification and control of the social safety distance anti-Covid19.

The IP65 or IP67 protection make the new bracelet suitable for industrial applications, even in hostile environments, guaranteeing safe and precise operation and alarm.


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