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ASE presents new UHF Compact Readers “M30” – June 2020

ASE is pleased to present you the new family of UHF Compact Readers M30.

These are UHF RFID Readers/Writers, operating in a European frequency range, which communicate to a host” system (typically PC or PLC) with RS232/RS485/USB serial line.

The M30 RFID Readers, available with integrated antenna, allow to change the antenna power via software, from a minimum of 10dBm to a maximum of 26dBm, and, depending on the characteristics and positioning of antennas and tags, you can also obtain reading distances greater than one meter.

Each reader in this family is designed to guarantee its use in the industrial automation processes and, with the standard M12 connector, it is possible to carry out wiring operations in a simple and fast way, always ensuring the IP65 protection standard.

The new family of M30 RFID Readers can be combined with the new families of UHF industrial transponders distributed by ASE, complying with ISO18000/6B/6C EPC G1 and G2 standards.


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