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New Ubiquicom products marketing agreement – June 2020

ASE is pleased to inform you of the new marketing agreement signed with one of the leading Italian companies in the world of wireless automatic identification based on active tags and wireless sensors, Ubiquicom.

Ubiquicom is a made-in-Italy company focused on the development of advanced products and solutions for the real-time localization and tracking, both indoor and outdoor, of people, vehicles, goods, equipment and mobile equipment, using the most advanced RTLS (Real Time Locating Systems) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. The data collected in this way, on the Cloud or on proprietary servers, allows Ubiquicom to support its customers in the detailed analysis of processes, using special visualization and analysis tools, to identify opportunities for improvement otherwise more difficult to detect.

The system that will be proposed is designed and built specifically to meet the needs of “Wireless Data Collection” in the industrial field.

The new Ubiquicom products, offer the possibility to collect environmental data in real time and without wiring, such as temperature, light, vibration, magnetic, presence, position, movement, etc. …

It is thus possible, in the operator field, to collect data on production times, man-machine association, costs per order, presence, in a completely automatic way.

It is also possible, in the machine field, to collect data on temperature, brightness, magnetic, movement, vibrations, for machines or moving parts, in order to obtain data, in automatic mode, for programmed maintenance and to eliminate machine stops.
The family of active readers and tags makes it possible to make every machine, logistic area and production line compatible with Industry 4.0 and suitable to talk with every IoT system, already present in the company or to be defined.

The entire system is then managed by special algorithms and dedicated software, which allow to collect and record the desired information and / or any alarms, with high security of operations.

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