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ASE presents new portable RFID readers “A73xx”

ASE, a reference company in the proposal of professional components for automatic identification, presents the entire A73xx family, portable RFID readers, designed for logistic and / or industrial applications and waste management.

The portable readers of the A73xx family cover the entire range of passive tags, both LF, HF and UHF, ensuring robustness, practicality, lightness and IP65 protection.

Suitable for resisting falls and harsh environments such as industrial or outdoor, as required for the “Differentiated Waste Collection”.

Each model is particularly simple and economical, they are “all in one” complete and programmable, to have in one instrument every kind of reading codes and every kind of connection to the outside world.

In every family laptop, you can insert two RFID readers simultaneously, 1D or 1D / 2D barcode readers, fingerprint readers, camera and extensive connectivity with Bluetooth, GSM / GPRS, Wifi, Phone, GPS and USB .

Many different accessories are also available, to make the reader’s daily use, simple, practical and productive, to the operator called to provide the requested service.

A73XX Readers.pdf

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